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Laurelle, Psychologist

Hi, I'm Laurelle. I help people cope with the everyday and exceptional challenges of life, experience less suffering, and engage more fully with the present moment. Therapy provides a unique relationship which gives you the opportunity to freely and nonjudgementally evaluate the thoughts and feelings you carry, particularly those that no longer serve you. My role is to help guide you towards your internal strengths, self-acceptance, and trust in your ability to take risks on the things that matter most to you.


Practice Areas


Constantly experiencing worry thoughts? Body sensations of anxiety such as racing heart or shakiness? Avoiding people, places, or things that worsen anxiety?

Relationship to Food

Guilt or shame related to eating or food choices? Cycles of attempts to diet or restrict followed by frustration after plans fail? Overly judgemental of your own weight or shape?

Stress & Burnout

Feeling like you will never make it through your list of tasks? Losing interest things you used to enjoy? You just don’t have anything left to give?


Struggles to say “no” or intense feelings of guilt when you do say no? Resentment towards others for asking so much of you? Doing things even though it’s not what you truly want or value?

Trauma & PTSD

Difficulty coping and managing emotions. Trying to avoid people, places, emotions, or things that are triggers? Feeling stuck in fight, flight or freeze response?

Loneliness & Connection

Feelings of loneliness that seem to persist? Fear of being left in relationships? Pattern of selecting partners that don’t meet your emotional needs?


Direct Billing Available to Select Insurance Providers

*Please contact the office to confirm if your benefit provider may be direct billed

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